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Setting up email on Windows using Outlook 2010 (IMAP)

The following instructions will show how to setup email on Windows 8. We will be using Outlook 2010, which is the Mail program that comes with Microsoft Office. We will setup with IMAP protocol.


  1. Load Microsoft Outlook
  2. From the main menu bar, select on File, then click Account Settingswin_email_1
  3. In the E-mail Accounts section, Click Newwin_email_2
  4. In the Auto Account Setup section select Manually configure server settings or additional server types, then click Nextwin_email_3
  5. In the Choose Service section, select Internet E-mail then click Nextwin_email_4
  6. In the Internet Email Settings, enter your email setttings:
    1. In Your Name, enter your real name
    2. In Email Address enter your email address
    3. In Account Type select IMAP
    4. For the Incoming Mail Server enter:  mail.<>  For example if your domain is, then your incoming mail server would be
    5. For you Outgoing Mail Server enter your ISP (Internet server provider) outgoing mail server.  Click here for a list of the common outgoing mail servers in Adelaide.  If you have difficulty here, you can try using  mail.<>, the same as your incoming mail server.
    6. In the Login Information, enter your email address and password
  7. After this click More Settingwin_email_5
  8. In the Outgoing Server tab check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication, then check same settings as my incoming mail server
  9. In the Internet E-mail Settings, select the Advanced tab
  10. Ensure Use the following type of Encryption is either TLS or SSL.  The Incoming Server port should change to 143 or 993 automatically
  11. If you are using <your-domain> as the outgoing mail server
    1. Ensure Outgoing Server (SMTP) is 587
    2. Next click the Outgoing Server tab and check My Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication
  12. Click OKadvanced
  13. Back in the Internet E-mail Settings, click Nextwin_email_5
  14. Allow the test to be performed.  After the status is complete click Close.  You email should now be setup.


Internet Security Warnings


If you have a security certificate warning pop up, there is nothing to worry about, just do the following:

1. On the Internet Security window, click View Certificate.cert-6

2. In the Certificate Window, click Install Certificatecert-2

3. In the Certificate Import Wizard, click Current User, then click Nextcert-3

4. Select Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate, then click Nextcert-4

5. In the Security Warning window, Click Nextcert-5

6. Click Next to continue




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